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Baseball ScoreBook
I can't tell you how happy I am with Fixed It Flash Drive. I use it all the time and save all my information on this 1GB drive!
I think your product is just a glimpse of the future in technology in respect to scoring baseball games. More this product is shown to the public, the more it will catch on and before you know it, paper score-books will be a thing of the past in retail stores.

Matt Rapoza
We recently hosted the Montana State AA American Legion tournament here in Bozeman Montana. We put together a website for the tournament which can be seen at:


We used the Live Scoring for all 15 games of the tournament without any problems. Thanks for adding this feature to your baseball scoring software product.

Ron Edwards
Bozeman Bucks Baseball

Just wanted to let you know that we are planning on using your software again this year for the Little League Softball World Series. The games begin on August 11th with the championship live on ESPN 6:30 pm PDT on August 18th. Thanks so much as it is a wonderful tool for us.

Donna McKeown, Head Scorekeeper
You have been a great help - the FCCAA tourney was in May and you were the official stats program ...you still are the best program and we will continue to use it!!

Wow !!! Was I pleased this morning when I opened the sports page. Our team was on the front page of the paper with one of the best articles I have seen yet. All of the plays were mentioned just how they happened in the correct order and no players names were wrong. As we left the game we didnt even realize that our two pitchers had thrown a no hitter together. But the sports writer picked up everything from the incredible box score from your software I faxed to him last night at 10.30. The sports writer has complimented me on the box scores several times and mentioned that he wished all of the teams had the same software. Last year I was up for several hours after each game entering stats from my score sheet into a software program. Now I can go to dinner with the team!!!

Clark Spilker
Hello, I've just finished my first season using your software, I've had it running on a Compaq Tablet PC, and I must say it's the ideal combination for scoring baseball.

Patrick Boyd
Your software is great!! It has helped me and my coaches make our LL allstars much better players!

Don Galloway
Just a note to let you know that we have used your baseball software over the past week in hosting the 13-year old Babe Ruth Southeast Regionals at Union City.   We have incorporated your software into a webpage and thus allowed parents from as far away as Florida, Virginia, the Carolinas...on and on...the chance to "follow their son's" games via the Internet.

We have received over 34-hundred "hits" on the web page, all because we were able to "export" our game stats "real time" (after each half inning) to the internet. Check our page out and see for yourself at http://www.ucbaberuth.com

Thanks again for the great software,

Jim Cawley

WOW....the new update is great. Did our first games on the weekend and the Baseball program is wonderful. Easy to use, very comprehensive stats, and the ability to have us update our web site with the nice html formats are fantastic. Keep up the great work.

Greg Durocher Cambridge Bulldogs Junior Baseball Club http://www.conestoga.on.ca/bulldogs.html
I am ready to start the year 2000 season and did a check of the Fixedit web page and found the 2.0c version was available. The bad part about it, was that I had lost my access code. In less than 24 hours Rob had checked his records, found my registration, and e-mailed me the access information I needed. I was able to download the upgrade, and load it in a matter of ten minutes.
Customer support is great! Thanks Again.

Pete Pederson (Tucson, Arizona)
Thanks so much for your prompt response. I am a Little League coach and my wife is the scorekeeper. She has been as impressed with Baseball Scorebook as I am.

Keep up the good work,

Ron Barker
I really like the way that you have made the new program easier to run.The box score feature really makes it easy to get information to the media and saves me a ton of time.

Thanks Randy
Just let me say that your program is just super in my opinion. It has many many features that are very useful to me as a coach as I evaluate games and players. It also allows me to provide the players with their stats without me having to figure each one. Keep up the good work!

Thanks again, Steve
You probably are familiar with The Automated Scorebook. I believe their software sells for about $350, and it is DOS! You guys are way ahead of them in WIN 95 graphics, and your program is a joy to use.
Great program. Most real to life I have seen yet. I love the algorithms. It is very user friendly.
I would just like to thank you for such a good program and great service for the past 2 or 3 years. You guys are the best.
           Christopher Kountz
"REALLY REALLY GOOD!!!!!" This program is perfect for scorekeeping in any baseball or softball situation!!! BUY IT!!!! -- Zach
"None Better" The ease of use of this software makes, even the beginner scorekeeper or broadcaster in touch and ahead of the game! -- Dave Walls
I keep the stats for my son's high school baseball team and have received many comments and compliments from the coaches and from the local press as to how thorough and outstanding the stats that I keep are. Also being able to look at the game stats immediately after the games is a huge assets. The local reporter that covers the games has stated many times that the box scores that I give him are the best he has ever seen. He is also impressed with the pitch by pitch pitch count along with the running tally of ball & strikes. The coach referred often to this feature when making decisions about the pitcher.

Thanks again.
Jim Holliman
Football ScoreBook
By the way, I love your product!! I keep statistics for a small private school in Texas (6 man football) and we are the envy of the district with our complete set of statistics. thanks for putting together a great tool!!

Curt Johnson
Football Scorebook should be required software for any journalist of the 21st Century. The freedownload ALONE should be enough for you to want to use this product. Easily adaptable to any situation, any set of rules. Excellent breakdowns of the statistics that you need to make your report meaty. It makes our broadcasts sound professional... even at the high school level. You just can't get any better than this... at any price.

Alvin Washington Jr
Chief Operating Officer
Ziff Davis gives Football ScoreBook their highest rating, .

If you'd like to see this review, click on the following link :

I can't tell you how helpful your program was for me to keep stats and be able to give info right away to the coaches and newspaper.  I love it.  Thank you.


I am looking forward to using your software again this season as it was incredibly useful last year. Hopefully I was able to bring you additional business since so many other coaches asked me where I got that software. I will continue to spread the good word about your products. Thanks for your efforts

Patrick Hurley
Pinnacle High School
Phoenix, Arizona

I am looking forward to my third season with your software for the Oak Grove Hornets in No. Little Rock Arkansas. I am even more excited about the possibilities with the Football StatsBook to help compile information over all seasons. This software has saved me many hours of after-game calculations as I was keeping the stats manually. Where were you guys 22 years ago when I started? OK, I'll forgive. Keep up the good work.

Jim Ashley