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Version 1.1
Football StatsBook helps you maintain statistics for your teams with the ability to define your own statistics and import statistics directly from Football ScoreBook game files. Maintain an unlimited number of teams and seasons with as many as 160 statistics per player and 34 games per season.
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  • Player's statistics are categorized by : Passer, Rusher, Receiver, Punter, Field Goal, Returns, Defender, and User-Defined.   Add your own statistics columns up to 20 per category.
  • Create user-defined equations for your statistics column.  Use the program's built-in equation builder to define your own statistics!
  • Maintain a complete season with as many as 34 games.  Cumulative statistics are available on any combination of the games for your season.   Easily include/exclude games and statistics categories to customize your report.
  • StatsBook allows you to create an unlimited number of teams and seasons.  Maintain statistics for an entire league and check your opponents team/player performances.
  • Easily import the statistics from Football ScoreBook.   Once statistics are imported, they can be modified and added to your season.
  • Use StatsBook BACKUP and RESTORE functions to save your data to backup media (Zip disk, tape, hard drive, or CD).  If your hard drive ever crashes or you lose your data, simply use the RESTORE function to restore your data.
  • StatsBook export wizard lets you choose the colors and fonts for your HTML export so it matches your web site's colors.  Additionally, choose which games and which statistics are exported.  Once the export is accomplished, you can upload your HTML file to your web server with StatsBook's built-in FTP client.
  • Team Totals row displays team total stats for each column.
  • Palm Companion Support.  Import games directly from ScoreBook for Palm OS.  

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