Baseball scoring and stat software for Windows, Palm, and Pocket PC OS
Keep track of team and player statistics in real-time as you score your game and in post-game analysis on cumulative games.  Includes detailed batting, fielding, and pitching statistics, box-scores with game summary, pitching and hitting plots.  No other single program offers more detailed statistics and pitch data than Baseball ScoreBook.  Try our FREE demo and if you like what you see, come join all of the other coaches, scouts, official scorekeepers, players, and fans that have already discovered Baseball ScoreBook by
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Try our FREE 30 day demo
   Baseball ScoreBook for Windows 32 and Palm OS, click the link below to download bbsbdemo.exe.  After it is downloaded, run it from Windows 95, 98, 00, NT, XP, Me (remember that one ?), Vista, or 7 and it will self-extract and install.

   Baseball ScoreBook Pocket PC Companion, click the link below to download bbsbdemowithpda.exe.  Once downloaded, run it from your Windows computer to install the Pocket PC software to your PDA.

  To install Baseball Palm Companion, simply run Baseball ScoreBook and select
Palm Utilities : Install : Baseball Companion from the main menu.  Baseball Companion will install itself to your Palm PDA during your next HotSync.
  To install the sample game to your PDA, select Palm Utilities : Export : Game to Palm from the main menu of Baseball ScoreBook and select "sample.gam" from the resulting dialog.  After your next HotSync, the sample game will be available on your Palm.

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